What Are Cabinet Lights? What Are the Types of Cabinet Lights?

Cabinet lights, as the name suggests, are lamps used on cabinets. Although they are inconspicuous on cabinets, they have a great effect. So what are the types of cabinet lights?

Ⅰ. The meaning of cabinet lights

Cabinet lights originated in the 1980s. Cabinet lights are mainly used for local lighting and decoration of cabinets. There are five types of them, namely, cabinet lighting, operating table and sink lighting, hanging cabinet bottom lights, laminate lights, drawer lighting, and base cabinet lighting.

After years of development, the cabinet lamp has developed from the original simple quartz lamp (spotlight) to today, and it has been realized that each part of the cabinet has a dedicated lighting fixture. At the same time, it has also developed from the original halogen light source to the fluorescent light source, and then changed to today's LED light source, which can meet the needs of safety, energy saving and environmental protection.

Ⅱ. Introduction to the types of cabinet lights

1. Cabinet lighting

Cabinet lighting is mainly used for local lighting in the hanging cabinet. Generally, kitchen lighting is installed above the kitchen, and the lights are illuminated from top to bottom. Therefore, the light in the cabinet will be blocked by the cabinet board, resulting in insufficient light. The lighting in the cabinet can take care of such details of life, and the lighting in the cabinet with infrared sensor switch lights can add a sense of fashion and technology to the cabinet.

2. The bottom lamp of the hanging cabinet

The bottom light of the hanging cabinet is used for the lighting of the countertop and the sink. The main auxiliary cabinet console is used as a supplementary local lighting due to the lack of main lighting, and some bottom lights of the hanging cabinet also have a certain decorative effect. The kitchen can create a relaxed space atmosphere and soothe the mood through lighting design.

3. Laminate lights

This type of lamp is mainly used to decorate and beautify the space, and if it is properly designed, it can add a bit of life to the owner.

4. Drawer lighting, base cabinet lighting

Drawer lighting and base cabinet lighting are usually used for cabinet lighting with infrared sensor switches. When the cabinet door or drawer is opened, it will automatically light up when the cabinet door or drawer is opened, mainly assisting the lighting in the cabinet.

People's pursuit of quality of life has gradually awakened, and consumers have begun to devote more attention to each life scene, striving to create a comfortable user experience. And lighting design is also an important part of improving the taste of space, cabinet lighting has also been sought after by more and more consumers. Lighting can affect people's psychology, and the use of appropriate lighting can create unexpected effects for life. The living scene of the kitchen plays a pivotal role in the home space. In addition to meeting the functional needs of the lighting in the kitchen, a well-designed and meticulously decorated kitchen can make people feel relaxed and happy, and make cooking more ceremonial. A reasonable design of cabinet lights is like applying a special effect makeup to the kitchen. The cabinet lights will make the light source look more natural and the kitchen atmosphere will become more romantic. Such a display effect is due to the ingenious design of the cabinet lights.

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