Side Bend Flex Neon Strip

Side Bend Flex Neon Strip

This side bend led strip collection features a side-bending design, linear luminescence, and a choice of multiple colors for excellent visual effects. Also as one of the most professional led strips wholesale manufacturers, our bendable neon light has a variety of sizes to choose from, protection class covers IP40-IP67, and bendable neon can be qualified for the test of indoor and outdoor environment.

Types of Side Bend Flex Neon Strip

PaneraLux offers a range of bendable neon light options, known as Side Bend Flex Neon Strip, including S0612-C RGB, S0410, S0408, and S1020. These strips feature a flexible side bend design and come in various dimensions, with IP65/IP67 ratings for added durability. To ensure optimal control, China's best price LED strip controllers are also available. PaneraLux is your trusted source for high-quality and cost-effective solutions for bendable neon lights, along with compatible controllers.

Can you bend neon flex?

There are so many different types of neon strips on the market. How do you distinguish them? Let me tell you; According to the type, the general led neon flex strip with forward bending, side bending, arbitrary bending three ways.

(1) out of the light toward their own, the lamp belt can only bend back and forth, we call it bending neon lamp belt;

(2) out of the light face yourself, the lamp belt can only bend up and down, we call it the side bend led strip;

(3) The neon bendable light that can be bent arbitrarily is called the neon strip that can be bent arbitrarily.


Side Bend LED Strip FAQs

Does the side bend neon strip support shear interconnection?

Side bend neon strip full range supports shearing, but does not support interconnection.

How to install the side bend neon strip?

Side bend neon lamp belt products are generally high, so the basic use of embedded installation, also provide profiles and installation buckle installation.

Can the product work outdoors?

The protection grade of series products all reaches IP65 and above, all can work outdoors.

What material does the product use?

The whole series of products are made of silica gel material with high reliability. All products are guaranteed for 3 years.

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