What Are the Design Tips for Cabinet Lights?

Brightzhuo Lighting is a LED local lighting solution provider, focusing on lighting in furniture and furniture space-related fields. We adhere to stable operation, continuous innovation, and open cooperation, and have built end-to-end solution advantages in the fields of furniture, cabinets, and wardrobes. We provide sustainable and competitive solutions, as well as products and services for enterprise customers, distributors, specialty stores, exhibition halls, etc., and are committed to enhancing the added value of industry customer products, allowing more furniture companies to cooperate with lamps and furniture through the efforts of manufacturers, and to coordinate the sales space with furniture to build a better living environment for the future society and family. Now, let us talk about the design skills of led undercabinet lights!

Cabinet light is essential to improving the level of indoor space

In indoor lighting, in addition to the decorative chandeliers, ceiling spotlights, downlights, ceiling lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps that we often introduce, there is actually another type of lamp that is indispensable in interior design. It can greatly improve the visual experience but with not as high visibility, and that is cabinet light.

Definition of cabinet light: cabinet light mainly provides sufficient brightness for cabinet interior space, layer boards, the operating table below the cabinet, and the external contour of the cabinet.

Classification of cabinet light: we divide the installation position of cabinet light into cabinet lights, cabinet bottom lights, drawer lights, hanging rod lights, layer board lights, cabinet top lights, and cabinet foot lights, and recessed cabinet lights led, According to the types of lamps, the types of LED cabinet light mainly include spotlights, line lights, panel lights, etc.

Cabinet light design

  • For small cabinets in single-person kitchens, it is recommended to design light sources in two locations, the washing area and the operation area. In soft and bright lighting, the owner's operation becomes more convenient and enjoyable. The light also makes the simple design of the cabinet look cleaner and more concise, thus bringing a more direct practicality to the kitchen.

  • Cabinet embedded LED lights in open shelves are more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and low in calories. They can provide ample light sources with small power consumption.

  • Design embedded shelf lights in the upper cabinet open shelves, which can easily reach commonly used kitchen utensils, such as cups and seasonings, making the open shelves not only practical but also beautiful. You can also put decorative items in it, adding some beauty to the kitchen.

  • Set a bottom panel light in the bottom of the upper cabinet. The complete light board is also the bottom board of the upper cabinet. This design allows both sides of the light board to serve as a light source. When the owner turns on the switch below the light board, not only the countertop area below is illuminated, but also the items in the cabinet are clearly visible when the upper cabinet is opened and the cabinet light makes them highly visible.

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