LED Strip Connectors

LED Strip Connectors

The feature of this series of products is that the connection between the light strip and the light strip, and between the light strip and the wire can save the welding step. Make the power connection more convenient and quick, and easy to replace. The operation is simple, and it is convenient for buyers to use it.

How to use LED Strip Connectors?

Firstly, Find a line indicator surrounded by exposed copper connection spots on both sides, cut precisely on that line indicator. Secondly remove all silicone that covers on the copper connection spots. Thirdly, slide the exposed strip part inside the LED strip connector, The copper connection sopts should under the metal clamps. Forthly, apply some pressure on the metallic pins make sure the pins pushing down on the contacts.

If you connect strip-strip. Repeat the same step for the other side of the LED Strip Connector.

If you connect strip-wire, Exposed enough wire and put it inside the LED strip connector, close the connector.

Note: please make sure the two strip or strip and wire match + and +,- and - together, before you close the connector .


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