What to Consider Before Installing LED Strip Lights?

After purchasing the LED strip light, it is necessary to install it. What factors should we pay attention to before installing the LED strip light? In general, our china outside led light strips supplier suggests that these factors include the spacing of the horizontally placed LED strip lights, the length control, and the arrangement of the LED strip lights in non-linear orientations.

Arrangement of LED strip lights in non-linear orientations

The arrangement of LED soft light strips in non-linear orientations is very important. Generally, we use a folding and reciprocating arrangement method.

Horizontally placed LED strip lights spacing

The brightness of resin luminous characters depends on the spacing of the horizontally placed LED strip lights. If the spacing is too large, the brightness effect will be dim. If the spacing is too small, the brightness will be too high. If a stroke of a character appears too bright or too dim, it will greatly affect the appearance. Therefore, most professional led strips wholesale manufacturers always recommend to control the spacing of the LED strip light horizontally within 2cm.

Length control

For some larger resin characters, the length of the LED strip light must be considered. Generally, the entire high efficiency led strip is controlled within 15 meters, although the standard length can be up to 20 meters. If the connection interval exceeds this range, the LED strip light is prone to heat up, which will affect its service life during use. Therefore, when installing it, be sure to follow the manufacturer's requirements to avoid overloading the LED strip light.

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