Material Classification and Installation Method of LED Neon Lights

LED neon flex is mainly used at night to attract the masses or to decorate the night scene, and are widely used in modern urban construction. So what do you know about the material classification and installation methods of LED neon flex?

Ⅰ. Material classification of LED neon flex

1. According to the specifications of the LED neon material, it is divided into: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm and other specifications of different thickness.

2. According to the different materials of fluorescent powder coated in LED neon strips, it can be divided into ordinary fluorescent powder and three-color fluorescent powder. Now most of the neon tubes are sprayed with ordinary fluorescent powder, because its price is relatively cheap, and it can basically meet the requirements of various colors. The three primary color phosphors, also known as rare earth phosphors, have more obvious effects on brightness, chroma, and freshness than ordinary phosphors.

3. According to different glass materials, it can be divided into: sodium glass tube, lead glass tube and colored glass tube.

4. According to the different spraying process of phosphor powder, it can be divided into: water coating and glue coating. The water coating process is mainly to spray alcohol and ketone solvent mixed phosphor on the inner wall of the lamp tube, and then let it dry naturally. The glue coating process is mainly to apply glue liquid mixed with fluorescent powder for spraying, and then use an oven to dry. Its viscosity and firmness are more obvious than the effect of water-coated powder tubes.

Ⅱ. The correct way to install LED neon flex

The installation of LED neon flex is actually a lot of attention. If it is not installed correctly, it is likely to cause leakage accidents. So how to install LED neon flex correctly?

1. The installation of LED neon signs must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements. If there are temporary changes, the sign design drawings must be re-modified to prevent potential safety hazards or adverse effects on the appearance of the project.

2. It is necessary to reserve an operation channel with LED neon signage and post-maintenance.

3. The technical level of the signage device must meet the requirements of the construction device technology. The installation expansion bolt and the embedded metal fixing components must withstand the frame pressure, and the signage can be supported on one side, two sides, and three sides to ensure safety.

4. The frame of the LED neon sign with logo, the fixing point of the expansion bolt, and the welding between the frame and the embedded fixing member must be firm, and anti-rust treatment must also be taken.

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