Cabinet Lights Add a Striking Accent to Galley-style Kitchen Design

The design is not only about the transformation of the existing space, but also about breaking the limitations of the original layout and carrying out space reconstruction. When the living space is limited or unsatisfactory with the existing layout, reconstruction and redesign are further extensions of people's pursuit of quality of life.

We are familiar with open, semi-open and closed kitchen designs, as well as U-shaped and L-shaped kitchen layouts. However, in some areas, apartments and small-sized kitchens do not have a dedicated space for design. As a result, corridor-style kitchens have emerged, where illuminated cabinets are an essential feature.Paneralux is a supplier of china outside led light strips, focusing on lighting related to furniture and home spaces.

A kitchen designed in the corridor at home is called a corridor-style kitchen, and it is more common to combine it with the entrance hall. In a small space of a few square meters after opening the door, the kitchen is arranged on the left or right side of the entrance hall. It not only achieves the functions of the kitchen and entrance hall, but also maintains a spacious and flowing living space. Cabinet lights can even be used as entrance lights.

Layout of LED cabinet lights in a corridor-style kitchen with a straight layout

A corridor-style kitchen with a straight layout is more commonly used because the cabinets, sinks, stoves and storage spaces are all arranged on the same side of the wall, and all work is completed on a straight line while focusing on traffic design.

The cool black design makes the kitchen look clean and icy. The use of linear LED cabinet lights avoids any cabinet reflections and the glaring feeling brought about by point light sources. The suspended floor cabinets are also equipped with led undercabinet lights on the bottom, which solves the problem of ground lighting when entering the room and fully renders a refined and fashionable space atmosphere.

For apartments, the entrance and kitchen designs are common. Of course, the overall white design must match white cabinet lights, and the length of the LED cabinet light strips is consistent with the length of cabinets.

Layout of LED cabinet lights in a corridor-style kitchen with a double layout

For households with adequate entrance hall space, a corridor-style kitchen with a double layout is a better choice. Generally, there are two opposite walls as soon as the door is opened, and the walls are long and far enough apart. Therefore, cabinets can be installed on both sides of the wall, one side as a kitchen area and the other side as a supplementary area for the entrance hall and kitchen.

On the left side of the entrance hall, there is an irregular shoe cabinet, and on the right side, there is a long and narrow kitchen where the cooking area and storage area occupy one side each. The linear recessed cupboard light is parallel to the operating table, which not only works in harmony, but also enhances each other's functions. The wall on the right side of the entrance hall is not long enough, but the bar counter will increase the space. Warm recessed cabinet lights led warmly welcome people when they come home.

In summary, design is not about piling up elements, but also about understanding the trade-offs and mixing and matching. Only by breaking out of the existing framework can we stand out in pursuit of quality of life.

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