Enhanced Expression of Light through Explicit and Implicit Improvements of Flexible LED Strip System

Brightness refers to the brightness of the emitting surface, which is the ratio of the luminous intensity in a specified direction to the area of the emitting surface perpendicular to and in the specified direction, with units of candelas per square meter. For a diffuse reflecting surface, although the luminous intensity and luminous flux are different in different directions, the brightness in each direction is the same. The fluorescent screen of a TV is similar to such a diffuse reflecting surface, so the image has the same brightness from all directions.

The health of flexible LED strip lighting requires starting with the LED light source

The Chinese government has stated that energy-saving LED technology should be promoted, and national policies are being completed. The roadmap is also very clear, and as planned, energy-consuming incandescent bulbs will be replaced with flexible LED strips such as flexcob, and all urban road lighting will serve as a test field for LED lighting applications. Now, you believe in the vast and promising world of LEDs, so you keep pouring into LED lights for energy efficiency and ignore the importance of light!

Many flexible led strip manufacturers previously neglected the indicators of light distribution and glare control, blindly pursuing brightness and illuminance. Strict glare control is required for LED engineering light strips. It is a difficult contradiction and unity for LED light strip manufacturers to consider lighting fixture design and light distribution design. For example, the glare produced by a 120-degree emitting angle and a 140-degree emitting angle cannot be the same.

Flexible LED strips must carefully select and polish their eyes

LED lighting equipment has two types of explicit and implicit. Night lights delineate the shape and hierarchy of trees, and give them vitality and flexibility, which is something we can only imagine. Implicit light sources make objects glow as if they were luminous bodies. It can adjust the width of the beam, reflect light rays, and maintain necessary light and dark contrasts.

Flexible light strips improve the performance of light: avoiding direct light damage to the eyes, bright but not sudden. It can explain the duality of light at night, as if it loses the feeling of time and space. The original magic of light is to attract people's attention to objects, not to themselves. Architecture, materials, and colors change with the light, just like their own vitality.

When designing the lighting conditions of the work environment, flex light strip should pay attention to better visual comfort. Key lighting can stimulate people's interest in a point and help them observe the environment in a space. To create different atmospheres and better lighting effects, the use of lighting control systems should be considered.

The quality and effect of the panera lighting LED light strip that controls the environment of the flex light strip should be based on two aspects: on the one hand, it can control and use a quantitative index verified by scientific experiments; on the other hand, it is the subjective feeling and evaluation of visual impression and the emotions and interests caused by visual impression. It makes people feel different about the environment and buildings, thereby generating sensory pleasure and comfort.

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