Flexible LED Strip Analysis and Design Space is Actually Designing Light.

Light seems to be a chemical reaction: only the right and accurate dose can create magic. A room doesn't need multiple light sources, one lamp is enough to satisfy visual and emotional needs. This reminds us of spotlights in theaters, where audiences follow them to turn their attention to a specific spot and trigger all sensory experiences at that moment. Lighting can be a more flexible and interesting design element, which can be a catalyst for atmosphere, a focus and theme of a room, and can enhance the sense of existing decorations.

People's perception of space is accomplished through visual stimuli of color, texture, structure, and all details. Without light and lighting, there is no way to discuss these effects. The transmission of light can bring different visual and psychological feelings to people. In indoor spaces, light sources are divided into two types: natural light and artificial light. In display design, artificial light is usually used, and natural light can be combined with artificial light. Therefore, flex led strip lights play a decisive role in the design effect of display spaces.

Flexible LED strips design space is actually designing light

Designing a lamp is just a lamp. Nowadays, the environment and atmosphere of furniture should be considered to create more atmosphere. More and more china outside led light strips are creating light, giving people a feeling of light while reducing the presence of lamp forms themselves. There is a lamp like a mask, and we only notice its relationship with light, the shadow behind it, but we do not see the lamp itself. People strongly feel light, which has become a carrier for people to release emotions and atmosphere.

Contrast is the basic shaping technique of flexible LED strips art design

Flexible LED strips coordinate the combination of various indoor objects' shapes, colors, light, quality, etc., to become a very harmonious and unified whole; symmetry and symmetry are traditional formal aesthetics and the earliest laws of human mastery of formal aesthetics. Symmetry is divided into absolute symmetry and relative symmetry; balance, the golden rooster is independent in life, and the actor walks on the tightrope, giving people a stable visual art enjoyment, making people gain visual balance psychology.

Balance is a configuration of shapes, components, and colors that are the same; hierarchical and decorative compositions should distinguish levels to make the picture have depth and breadth. Lack of hierarchy feels mediocre, and interior design also pursues spatial hierarchy; echo, in interior design, ceilings, floors, tabletops, etc. use echo techniques. Simple, referring to the absence of gorgeous decorations and unnecessary additives in the interior environment. The color tone and color of the interior decoration are one of the important factors of shaping art design.

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