360 Emitting Flex Neon Strip

360 Emitting Flex Neon Strip

This product is characterized by 360° overall light design, linear light throughout the whole body, the effect is extremely shocking, with rich colors to choose from, R22 and R38 two sizes to choose from, the protection grade has reached the IP67 level, can be used in outdoor environment.

Types of 360 Emitting Flex Neon Strip

PaneraLux offers a range of 360 degree LED neon flex options, including Types of 360 Emitting Flex Neon Strip such as R38-D RGB SPI, R38-C RGBW, and R22 variations. These strips are designed with a 360-degree emitting capability, providing uniform lighting. With an IP67 rating, they ensure reliable performance. PaneraLux is committed to delivering high-quality LED strip lights that meet diverse lighting requirements and applications.

The way the neon strip comes out

In accordance with the color mode, the general neon light with the way of monochrome, color temperature adjustable, magic color, chase four ways

(1) Monochrome: the neon strip emits only one color;

(2) Color temperature adjustable: two color temperature can be switched at will neon strip

(3) Magic color: you can switch between RGB and RGBW colors

(4) Chase: you can edit your favorite color and light effect according to your own requirements.


FAQs of 360 Emitting Flex Neon Strip

Does the series support cutting?

The process of series of products is more complicated than the traditional neon strip, so it does not support cutting temporarily.

What is the maximum bending diameter of the product?

This series of R38 products are 200mm bending diameter, R22 products are 100mm bending diameter.

How long does the product work?

Series of products with high performance lamp beads, service life up to 30,000 hours.

How to install the product?

The product is installed by mounting buckle + lifting steel wire.

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