What Should Be Paid Attention To When Buying Led Neon Flex Light

Now LED neon flex are of various kinds, which are widely used in outdoor lighting projects. Do you know the procurement process is easy to ignore the point.  PaneraLux teaches you to pay attention to two easy to ignore points when buying:

First, pay attention to whether the glue of LED neon flex is authentic PU glue

In order to save costs, ordinary glue and non-waterproof PU glue are used. Such LED neon flex led will have serious yellowing phenomenon in less than a year, thus affecting the light efficiency of the lamps. This is because of the poor glue material. On the market, some illegal businessmen sell inferior glue in the name of waterproof PU glue at a low price, which is poor in waterproof performance and prone to yellowing and darkening, because it is far from the price of normal waterproof PU glue, and basically the price difference is more than double. So the majority of consumers in the purchase of LED line lights, pay attention to this small detail.

Second, look at aluminum of LED neon flex, see whether the thickness is moderate

Ultrathin aluminum is easy to change. In the selection of aluminum for LED line lights, regular manufacturers will first consider whether the heat dissipation performance is good or not, and whether the amount of aluminum is suitable for the benefits. Do some people think thicker aluminum is better? Surely not. It's a waste of money and costs customers more. If you want to make aluminum not easy to deform and heat dissipation, you must choose a moderate thickness. You cannot say that you always want aluminum to be thicker and better. In addition, if the aluminum of the line light is thinner, is the heat dissipation better? Of course not! The thinner the aluminum, the worse the heat dissipation, the easier the installation of extrusion deformation, so jerry-building must not! Extravagance is not desirable, the other is a cost-effective problem, if you want to have a high cost performance, manufacturers must control the material is quite good.

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