What Are the Characteristics of Neon Flex Lights?

The neon flex light is a light source that emits light from a low-pressure-cooled anode glow discharge. Gas discharge luminescence is a physical phenomenon in nature. The conversion of electrical energy into colorful spectral lines through gas discharge is an important basic process for the work of neon flex lights. Under normal circumstances, gas is a good insulator, it does not conduct electric current. However, under the conditions of strong electric field, light radiation, ion bombardment and high temperature heating, gas molecules may be ionized, producing charged particles that can move freely, and form a current under the action of an electric field, making the insulating gas a good conductor. This phenomenon of electric current passing through gas is called gas discharge process.

1. High efficiency of neon flex light folding

Neon flex lights rely on the electrode heads at both ends of the light to ignite the rare gas in the lamp tube under a high-voltage electric field. It is different from ordinary light sources that must burn tungsten wires to high temperatures to emit light, resulting in a large amount of electrical energy being consumed in the form of heat. Therefore, with the same amount of electric energy, flexible led neon light has higher brightness.

2. The folding temperature of neon flex lights is low

Because of the cold cathode characteristics of neon flex lights, the temperature of the lamp tube is below 60°C during operation, so it can be placed in the open air to expose to the sun and rain or work in water. Also because of its working characteristics, the neon flex light spectrum has a strong penetrating power, and it can still maintain a good visual effect in rainy or foggy days.

3. Folding neon flex lights with low energy consumption

In the era of continuous technological innovation, the led strips wholesale suppliers manufacturing technology of neon flex lights and the technical level of related components are also constantly improving. The application of new electrodes and new electronic transformers has greatly reduced the power consumption of neon flex lights, from 56 watts per meter of lamp tubes to 12 watts per meter of lamp tubes.

4. The folding life of neon flex lights is long

Under the condition of continuous operation and uninterrupted power supply, the lifespan of bendable neon flex lights can reach more than 10,000 hours, which is difficult for any other electric light source to achieve.

5. The folding of neon flex lights is flexible and diverse

Neon lamps are made of glass tubes. After firing, the glass tubes can be bent into any shape and have great flexibility. By choosing different types of tubes and filling them with different inert gases, neon flex lights can get colorful and multi-colored lights. .

6. Neon flex lights are more dynamic

The neon flex light screen is composed of a constant light tube and a dynamic light-emitting scanning tube, which can be set to be a jumping scan, a gradient scan, or a seven-color scan of color mixing and color change. The scanning tube is controlled by a scanning machine equipped with microcomputer chip programming. The scanning tube is turned on or off according to the programmed program, forming a flowing picture, like a rainbow in the sky, and even more like a dream world. It is fascinating and unforgettable. Therefore, neon flex lights are an economical and practical form of advertising with less investment and strong effects.

Neon lamp is a kind of cold-cathode glow discharge tube. Its radiation spectrum has a strong ability to penetrate the atmosphere. It can be processed and bent into any geometric shape to meet the design requirements. Controlled by electronic programs, patterns and characters with variable colors are welcomed by people. The bright, beautiful and dynamic characteristics of neon flex lights are irreplaceable by any electric light source, and they are the leader in the continuous emergence and competition of various new light sources.

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