Application of Neon Lights in Home Decoration Field

When it comes to bustling cities, most people’s initial impression is the neon signs that adorn the streets, which are as mysterious and enchanting as the various life trajectories hidden in the movie streets. Flexible led neon strip lights will always inadvertently attract us to take a closer look.

In recent years, many fashion and catering internet celebrities have made extensive use of neon decorations, especially pink neon lights that are associated with a girlish style. Indeed, neon lights are rightly called the "beauticians of the city." A photographer in South Korea even made neon sculptures and used them as a way of expressing emotions.

Neon LED lights can be installed in homes, just like the still-popular small string lights, to create a warm and humane family atmosphere. Of course, if you like a cool style, the use of cold lighting can also highlight your high cold temperament.

LED neon strips for the bedroom

Neon lights are most commonly found in bedrooms, but they are ultimately a place for rest, so it is recommended to use simple English letters.

The choice of neon LED light colors in the bedroom depends on the room style and wall color. White and warm yellow are versatile and can make the overall atmosphere more transparent when placed on bright walls, and can also improve the too heavy atmosphere when paired with dark walls. Pink and mint green are refreshing and natural, and can also give people a sense of peace and relaxation.

LED neon strips for the living room

The principle of choosing bendable neon light for the living room is actually similar to that of the bedroom, but the colors can be more diverse. If you are afraid of creating a nightclub or bar-like style, choose white or beige, the safest options.

LED neon strips for the dining room and kitchen

Hang neon lights on the walls and transform into a trendy gourmet shop in minutes. Choose slogans or patterns related to food, and give the space a full sense of high-end sophistication.

After neon lights were introduced in France, they appeared in the United States in the 1920s and were originally used by car dealerships for outdoor advertising promotion, and were later used in other commercial fields. Over the next few decades, a variety of exquisite neon lights appeared in large and small cities across the country, becoming "welcome" signs for restaurants, bars, roadside motels, and other places. Neon lights were initially produced using gases such as neon and argon to produce bright light, usually containing harmful metals such as lead and mercury. Nowadays, the production of LED lights is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and rainbow-colored lights are the most popular.

From china outdoor led tape light factory, Whether it is customized or ready-made products, you should make neon LED lights the focus of the room, such as installing them in prominent locations, such as above the sofa, at the end of the corridor, or above the fireplace. Alternatively, they can be placed in more traditional or formal spaces, where they will be eye-catching and a topic of conversation. Other accessories in the room, such as pillows and wall decorations, should preferably be of the same color as the neon lights, which will make the entire room more cohesive and orderly.

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