Top Bend Flex Neon Strip

Top Bend Flex Neon Strip

This series of products adopt a positive bending design and built-in high-brightness LED chips, which can emit light of various colors and have excellent visual effects. With a variety of bendable neon light optional models, it is not only suitable for indoor use, but also outdoor weather erosion. Contact our china led strip tape supplier for more information!

Types of Top Bend Flex Neon Strip

PaneraLux, a leading company in the field, offers a range of bendable neon LED strip options for wholesale. With Types of Top Bend Flex Neon Strip like T1006, T1003, T1010, T1605, and T1512, these strips provide versatile and bendable lighting solutions for various applications. PaneraLux is your trusted source for high-quality, bendable neon LED strips available for wholesale. Count on us to provide reliable and flexible solutions for all your lighting needs.

Do Top Bend Flex Neon Strip Cost a Lot of Electricity?

Neon has a long history, first appearing in exhibitions in France in 1900. At that time, neon was a gas lamp filled with thin neon gas or other electrically charged glasstubes or bulbs. It was a cold-cathode gas discharge lamp.

Neon lights through long-term development, to the flexible LED neon light band, since in 2015, began to appear on the market for silicone extrusion process of waterproof lights, neon lights with comprehensive upgrades, silicone environmental performance, strong flexibility, UV resistance, wider working temperature, yellowing resistance, acid and alkali resistant, light failure is small, the characteristics of good light transmittance, a new production process.

LED flexible silicone neon strip advantages are as follows:

1. Use environmentally friendly silica gel, non-toxic;

2. Extrusion silicone process, better waterproof performance, waterproof grade up to neon flex ip68;

3. Flexible silica gel, solved the original neon fragile shortcomings, in addition to a high flexibility, can be bent, twisted, pull, etc.

Do Top Bend Flex Neon Strip Cost a Lot of Electricity


FAQs of Top Bend Flex Neon Strip

Can neon strips be used underwater?

The neon strip itself can be placed for underwater work, but the two ends of the outlet position must meet the IP68 protection level can be placed for underwater work.

What is the bending Angle of the neon strip?

The bend Angle of the neon strip depends on the width of the strip. The narrower the width, the smaller the bend Angle. Paneralux offers a wide range of angles to choose from.

How long does the lamp belt last?

All products are guaranteed for three years with a life span of 30,000 + hours.

Does the product support clipping?

All products of the company have shear symbol, 24V products 50mm a shear, 12V products 25mm a shear.

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