Project Service

provide project service according to IOS:9001 2015 quality system project development process, with quality guaranteed.

Project development procedure:

inquiry → design solution → confirm by customer → sign development agreement → design sample → test → confirm by customer → make trial production → order production

Warranty Service

Customers who purchase PaneraLux products are hereby guaranteed to be free of material and workmanship defects for a period of five years from the date of purchase of their indoor products and three years from the date of purchase of their outdoor products.

This warranty is valid only for products purchased directly from Panera in China.

The onus is on the owner to establish the date and place of purchase by admissible evidence when seeking services.

Consulting Service
  • Professional sales and technical support team with timely and effective communication ensure accurate and efficient customer service.

  • The cooperation experience with European and American leading customers enables us to have professional vision and ability.

  • We provide customized solutions for clients, at the same time, we keep confidential for customers’ business.

After-sales Service

5 years warranty for indoor products, 3 years warranty for outdoor products.

For products with problems within the warranty period, we will deal with them immediately.

Please provide the following information to help you deal with your problem more quickly:

  • Corresponding product information (including product specifications and name), quantity and batch;

  • Description of product problems and photos or videos;

Paneralux Customer service team


Our customer service team will complete the subsequent warranty claim steps.

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