What Adhesive Is Best for Fixing Flex Led Strip Lights?

In daily life, when we need to stick things together, we usually reach for glue or tape. There are many types of glue available on the market. What kind of glue should be used to fix flex LED strip lights? There are many types of glue that can stick to LED strip lights, such as RTV silicone glue, transparent silicone encapsulation glue, waterproof glue, insulating glue, silicone back glue, liquid silicone glue, and so on. The types of glue used for LED strip lights with different structures are also diverse.

Glue for fixing flex LED strip lights

Generally, the flex led strip lights available in the market come with their own 3M double-sided tape. Therefore, when installing them, simply remove the adhesive and place the strip lights in the desired position. However, before connecting them to the wall, use your hands to press them flat, and then install the connector of the strip lights to supply power.

Notes for choosing flex LED strip lights

  • When selecting china outside led light strips, the first thing to consider is their color. Do not choose strip lights with too many colors, otherwise they will appear too flashy.

  • Various types of strip lights are available in the market. When selecting, you must first determine which style of strip lights is suitable for your decoration. If distinguished by the number of lamp beads, they can be classified into 60, 72, and 68, etc.

  • Pay attention when selecting materials. Soft strip lights and hard strip lights are available on the market. Hard strip lights are relatively fixed, but they cannot be bent arbitrarily during installation, nor can they be used in irregular places. Once they are bent or installed in irregular places, they may damage the product or even cause fire due to leakage in the later stage. If flexible strip lights are used, they can be bent arbitrarily during installation. They can be used not only in irregular positions, but also in small rooms.

Notes for installing flex LED strip lights

  • When the flex LED strip lights are still in their packaging or are still bundled up, do not connect them to electricity to avoid electric shock.

  • When cutting the strip lights on site, pay attention to only cutting them at the marked position, otherwise it may cause some units of the strip lights to not light up. The normal unit length is 1.5~2m.

  • When connecting the strip lights, bend the head of the strip lights, and use pliers to expose 2mm of the internal wires of the lights. Ensure that the interface is level, without any burrs, and then use a needle to make the connection to prevent short circuits.

  • Only strip lights with the same specifications and voltage can be connected in series. When connecting each section, do a test to ensure that the lights are working properly, and make sure to check the polarity.

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