What should be paid attention to before installation of LED strip light?

After the strip light is brought back to purchase, it is necessary to carry out the device. What factors do we need to pay attention to before the device LED strip light ? The overall induction of LED ribbon horizontal placement of the interval, length control, LED ribbon in the non-straight direction of the arrangement.

Arrangement of LED light belt in non-straight direction

Non - linear azimuth arrangement LED soft light strip, is very crucial. We usually adopt a folding reciprocating arrangement.

LED strip light horizontal display interval

the key to the luminance of the resin light emitting word is to see the horizontal display interval of the LED light belt. If the interval is too large, the luminous effect will be dark, and if the interval is too small, the brightness will be too high. The same set of words assuming that a stroke is too bright and a stroke is dark, it is very beautiful. Therefore, it is advocated that the horizontal placement interval of LED light strip should be controlled within 2CM.

Length light tape control

Resin word some words do relatively large, need to pay attention to the length of the lamp belt, generally the whole LED lamp belt control within 15 meters. Although the standard Z length can be up to 20 meters. Assuming that the connection interval is exceeded, the LED lamp belt is very simple to heat, which will affect the service life of the LED lamp belt in the process of operation. Therefore, when the device is installed, we must carry out the device according to the requirements of the manufacturer, and do not let the LED light run over load.

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