Cabinet Light Products, Meeting Fine-tuned Kitchen Illumination Design

Many kitchens nowadays have only one light in the middle of the ceiling, which illuminates the corridor more brightly than the work surface. We often have to work in dim conditions because our bodies block the light on the countertop. Therefore, fine kitchen lighting design is largely based on the layout and design of the work surface, including storage space.

Basic knowledge of cabinet lights

When designing a kitchen renovation, cabinets are essential, and in the process of using cabinets, we consider more practicality and safety. LED undercabinet lights are special lighting fixtures for cabinets, and different shapes and functions of lights are designed according to the different usage requirements of different parts of the cabinet, which also compensate for the limited lighting of the kitchen’s main light.

Installing a supplementary light source under the cabinet is very practical. With the cabinet light, we no longer have to cut or cook in the dark at night. It's really convenient, and you won't know how useful it is until you install it.

As for the installation location, this convenient light can be installed above the kitchen sink and gas stove. By local lighting, washing and cooking operations are more convenient, and the convenient light is usually directly milled slot in the bottom of the cabinet board and then installed with embedded LED, using a sensing radar control switch. It does not light up during the daytime. When the light is dim at night, it will automatically turn on when it senses the human body, which is both convenient and energy-saving.

Product lighting design of cabinet lights

Main light

It is not recommended to use only one light in the middle of the ceiling. Instead, spotlights or tube lights should be installed above the position where people operate according to the layout of the work surface. Most people think that tube lights can only be installed when the kitchen is installed with a plasterboard ceiling, but in fact, aluminum buckle plate ceilings that are widely used today can also directly install spotlights by drilling holes in the buckle plates.

Cabinet spotlights

When customizing recessed cabinet lights led, the wiring can be left in the cabinets, and spotlights can be installed at the bottom of the cabinets. This way, the position of the lights can be arranged flexibly according to the direction and usage habits of the cabinets.

Linear cabinet lights

Use a linear light strip at the bottom of the cabinet to make the brightness of the work surface visually more even, the overall structure clearer, and the sense of hierarchy stronger. The cabinet light strip is also suitable for installation in smaller gaps, making installation and use more convenient.

Cabinet induction lights

Induction cabinet lights are more convenient for local lighting in the kitchen, and the induction light is directly attached to the bottom of the cabinet without the need to manually flip the switch. You can choose to use the induction switch with a hand swipe or a body induction switch.

Internal cabinet lights

When the light is close to the top of the cabinet, the inside of the cabinet can still be seen clearly at night, but the inside of the bottom cabinet is very dark at night. In order to facilitate access to items inside the cabinet, cabinet lights can be installed inside, and cabinet lights can also be selected as induction lights, which are very convenient to use. Choose Paneralux china outside led light strips.

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