Recessed Cabinet Light

Recessed Cabinet Light

Recessed Cabinet Light series with variety of styles, length could be customized. CRI 80+ with 2700K-6500K CCT brighter but not glaring. Also with smart motion sensor for wide application (cabinet, kitchen, closet etc.). And hidden LEDs in aluminum profile, built-in light guide panel makes liner effect without any spots.

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What Is A Cabinet Lamp?

As people the pursuit of quality life rises ceaselessly, more and more people have realized the practicability of ambry lamp, it is the indispensable illume lamps and lanterns when modern household decorates.

Cabinet lamp, originated in the 1980s. Cabinet lamp is mainly used for local lighting and cabinet decoration. There are five types of cabinet lamps: cabinet bottom lamps for countertops and sinks, laminate lamps, drawer lamps and cabinet floor lamps.

Advantages of cabinet lamp:

• Brighter but not dazzling: CRI80+ built-in 2700K-6500K intelligent motion sensor, effective eye protection. Enough to light up any dark place.

• Intelligent motion sensor: through wireless PIR motion sensor, wireless door infrared motion sensor, touch infrared motion sensor and other control cabinet lighting, intelligent.

• Easy to install, easy to carry: easy to install in cabinets, kitchen, wardrobe and other places.

• Certification: CE certification, RoHS, LM80.

Cabinet lamp is used as local lighting of cabinet in many scenes, auxiliary lighting and atmosphere shaping lighting, which not only enhances the use experience of space, enhances the sensory experience and visual artistic effect of space, but also is sought after by more and more consumers.


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