C-SW FCOB LED Strip Connectors Strip + Wire

C-SW FCOB LED Strip Connectors Strip + Wire

Wide application:: (1 time use) suitable for 8mm single color flexible COB strip lights, and other SMD flexible tape lights with different LED quantity (such as 30, 60, 90, 120, 240, 360, 480, 720 LEDs per meter etc) EASY TO USE: Just slide the strip light into the slit and press down on the silver copper conductor with pliers, no soldering required. save time and cost

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Features of C-SW FCOB LED Strip Connectors Strip + Wire

  • Fixed Fix: Penetrating contact (IDC connection) technology, the conductor will penetrate the PCB in order to conduct current between the two sections of the strip light and fix it. Only a broken PCB can pull the bar light out after fixing

  • Ultra-thin: Very small and low-profile design fits in tight spaces such as aluminum aisles, furniture recesses, etc.

  • Transparent materials can clearly see the status of the connection points

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