Laminated Glass Cabinet Light

Laminated Glass Cabinet Light

Glass cabinet led Cabinet Light series length can be customized according to customer requirements. CRI 80+ with 2700K-6500K CCT brighter, but not dazzling. Smart motion sensors are widely used in cabinets, kitchens, wardrobes, etc. Aluminum profile hidden glass cabinet lighting led, built-in light guide plate, linear effect, no spots.

Types of Laminated Glass Cabinet Light

What Is A Glass Laminate Lamp?

Glass laminate lamp is one of a variety of types and styles of ambry illumination, mainly used at the display cabinet of glass laminate, have the effect of adornment and ornament to display goods.

The main body is aluminum, built-in LED soft lamp belt, the lamp shade adopts concave design, PVC material, can be lit on three sides of linear china led cabinet light, beautiful effect;

When installing, take out the original glass laminate first, punch the hole in the laminate position, pass the wire through the hole, then insert the glass laminate into the lamp shade, and finally push the whole glass laminate into the lamp.


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