What Is The Superiority Of Led Light Belt In Lighting?

Compared with the traditional lighting fixture, the superiority of LED strip lights is more obvious. As a new lighting source, LED lights are not only energy-saving, environmental protection, but also have many other advantages.

1, LED light with color variable: it not only has different color temperature of white, there are other colors, LED through different light chip can mimic the nature of all kinds of colors, colorful, lifelike.

2, LED lights with a variety of maintenance: all selected world famous manufacturers components, over current, over voltage, short circuit, open circuit, lightning anti surge and other maintenance, more stable function.

3, LED light with high color rendering: LED color rendering up to 85 or more, the object is illuminated with realistic color.

4, LED strip light durable: because the LED with epoxy resin packaging or high temperature resistant silicone packaging, has a strong flexibility, not afraid of throwing not afraid of kneading, durable.

5, LED light with no heat: traditional lamps and lanterns in light at the same time will be accompanied by high heat radiation, the subject will be deformed and faded, and LED is a cold light source, light without heat, there is no impact on the object.

6, LED with long service life: incandescent lamp life only 1000 hours, only 2000 to 8000 hours, and LED life 80,000 to 100,000 hours.

7, LED light with no ultraviolet, infrared: traditional lamps lighting ultraviolet and infrared, and ultraviolet is harmful to the human body, LED without ultraviolet, infrared.

8, LED light belt without stroboscopic: traditional lamps have stroboscopic, harmful to eyes, especially young people are very harmful. LED is a constant current drive, no stroboscopic, no damage to eyes, can excellent maintenance of children's eyes.

9, LED light with environmental protection: traditional lamps have lead, energy-saving lamps have mercury, great harm to human body and the environment; LED free of lead and mercury, no damage to human body, is a green environmental protection goods.

10, LED light belt saves electricity: LED saves 90% electricity than incandescent lamp, saves 50% electricity than energy-saving lamp.

11, LED light with high constant current accuracy: LED lighting is driven by constant current drive power supply, constant current accuracy of concave and convex is a very important quality evaluation specification of LED lamps. The LED strip has a constant current accuracy of 99%.

12, LED light bandwidth voltage, brightness adjustable: voltage can be from 80V to 240V universal, brightness adjustable.

Other led lights not only play the role of lighting, more is have the effect of decoration, because led lights take advantage obviously, so the led lights are gradually expanding the scope of application of, from the average family decoration, hotel decoration to the building decoration, city night scene is dressed up to the sea pavilion, etc., can use range is very wide, Led light belt dress up for indoor, outdoor beautification plays the role of finishing point.

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