Quality Control

Quality Control

R&D department choose the LEDs strictly while designing a new product

Choose narrow BINs

Test different BINs and make sure the consistency of color and brightness. Then choose the right one according to customer preference.

Confirm photoelectric indicators, such as the color coordinates, color temperature / wavelength, luminous flux, voltage drop and so on.

Standardize technical indicators 《The list of acceptable parameter of LEDs》.

Incoming inspection

Using integrating sphere to check luminous flux, the color temperature, color coordinates, voltage drop and other photoelectric indicators in accordance with technical requirements. And make sure the BIN range by checking the color coordinates.

Production process and inspection

According to the guideline of 《LEDs Management》, we control LED quality from various aspects including design selection, incoming inspection, storage , preparation, requisition, production process (SMT, welding, gluing, aging test, assembly, packaging), identification, traceability and so on. 

The control of updated LEDs

When LED suppliers have plan to stop production or update LED versions, to ensure the consistency of color and brightness between the old version and new version, we compared the two versions strictly by color coordinates and also human eyes.

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