LED Cabinet Light Installation Method And Process

Cabinet light installation method:

1. In the case of the installation of the cabinet light belt, in order to better facilitate the use in the future, the cabinet lighting fixture design scheme can be regulated into the light belt, so that the normal weather in the process can be adjusted without so bright, the temperature gray situation can also be adjusted light belt bright. 

2. The color and function of the lighting effect can be based on the interior decoration design style of the restaurant kitchen to complete the design scheme, and it is proposed that the lighting effect should not be biased. 3.the middle of the restaurant kitchen is generally not recommended to install separate lighting fixtures, can be installed in the restaurant kitchen multi-faceted lighting fixtures, so that a restaurant kitchen more fashion trend, in the light source design can be designed into a different color. 4. In the front part of the cabinet can be installed fluorescent lamp or fluorescent tube, but also can install some small track spotlights, so not only can lighting lamps and lanterns, but also convenient for everyone to take goods.

Cabinet light installation process

1. Find line accurate positioning. Before installing ambry light, want to use the line that marks high altitude with unity inside the room above all, according to the specification that designs construction drawing to define the installation part of light belt, want to ensure relative height suits, do not affect the installation of ambry.

2. Installation architecture. What is the process of cabinet light installation? It is proposed that the installation of the structure, closet and wall cabinet should be carried out before the putty is batted. Special attention should be paid to the fixing of the immovable part, and the two steel nails between the structure and the wall. The steel nails should be carefully hidden and do not have to be exposed outside. If oneself decide metope is qualitative light cement board partition gets word, can design plan according to structure to come true fixed not move, if lamp belt designs a plan to do not have the evil change that limits a regulation, can drill a hole in 70-100mm among, until the installation that develops ambry again after waterproof be bored with child is congeal. 

3. Installation of lamp belt. After the structure is determined, the lamp belt can be installed. Special attention should be paid to choosing the suitable lamp belt to ensure the actual effect after installation.

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