Flex COB Strip

Flex COB Strip

This series of products are characterized by COB, a large number of light chip directly welded to the circuit board, linear light without dark area, 180° light Angle, this series of a variety of chip number to choose from, as well as RGB and color temperature adjustable options.

Types of Flex COB Strip

PaneraLux offers various Types of Flex COB Strip, including FCOB512, FCOB480, FCOB384, FCOB160 Dotted, FCOB840C RGB, and FCOB608T CCT. These strips feature high-density LEDs that deliver bright and uniform illumination, all within a compact and flexible design. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial lighting applications, PaneraLux's cob led flexible strips provide versatile solutions to meet diverse needs..

What is COB Strip?

Due to the structural characteristics of the COB light strip, the light-emitting surface is a linear, while the ordinary LED Strip's structure is a luminous LED bead, which is attached to the PCB. Therefore, the light emitted by the COB LED strip should be much more uniform, linear, and no dots.

Since the COB chip is directly soldered to the PCB, the heat of the chip can be quickly transferred to the PCB. Therefore, the heat dissipation speed of the COB strip is faster than that encapsulation LED strip, and the light decay of the COB strip is smaller and the life is longer.

The luminous angle of the COB strip can reach 180°. Application: Home decoration. Path indication and exterior wall contour decoration. Buildings, pavilions, bridges, park squares and other outlines projects. Application of decorative lighting for holiday decoration.


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