Super Narrow Flex LED Strip

Super Narrow Flex LED Strip

This series of products is characterized by ultra-narrow circuit board design, using 2835 lamp beads for higher brightness. This series has 4mm and 6mm product width to choose from, can be used with profiles.

Types of Super Narrow Flex LED Strip

China best price LED strip tape offers two main Types of Super Narrow Flex LED Strip – W4 Super Narrow 4mm and W6 Super Narrow 6mm. These strips provide slim and compact designs, making them ideal for space-limited applications. With their superior quality and competitive pricing, they offer cost-effective solutions for various lighting projects, including the smallest LED strip available.

What is the smallest LED strip?

With the progress of The Times, the traditional bulb strip has been slowly replaced by LED soft strip, and its application is becoming more and more widespread. The circuit board width of the conventional LED soft strip on the market is 8-12mm, and some narrow application scenarios are limited.

The Super Narrow series reduces the conventional 8mm circuit board to 4mm, making it one of the narrowest circuit boards on the market. With 3M adhesive backing on the back, the Super Narrow series solves the difficult problem of light strip application in narrow scenarios.


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