What Are the Classifications of LED Strip Lights?

Selection of LED strip lights:

  • Look at the chip: the chip is the core component of the LED strip light. Good chips can improve luminous efficiency and ensure excellent performance of the lamp.

  • Look at the light source: it refers to the indicator that judges the color rendering ability of the light source in the lamp. Therefore, when choosing a strip light, pay attention to its light source color rendering index, which generally should be Ra>90.

  • Look at the color: choose the appropriate color of the strip light according to the installation area and personal aesthetic needs. If you want to create a more diverse lighting environment, you can consider choosing an intelligent strip light from china outdoor led tape light and adjust the brightness and color of the strip light according to the actual situation.

Introduction of strip light types:

Single-color strip light

The single-color strip light adopts low voltage design, which is safer and can be touched directly without worrying about electric leakage. To meet more complex sizes and personalized needs, this product can be freely cut and flexibly installed, and there are multiple colors to choose from, which greatly satisfies the actual needs of different families. After installation, the single-color strip light has the advantages of delicate light, comfortable and natural, and no visible flicker, which can add icing on the cake for a warm and comfortable home atmosphere.

Flowing water strip light

If you want to have a more flexible lighting effect by flexible led strip wholesale, you can consider choosing a flowing water strip light. After power on, the light will light up smoothly like flowing water, and the continuous dynamic flow effect can add unique vitality to the home with lighting. Under the layout of personalized lighting scheme, using the flowing water strip light for multi-shape splicing, users can easily enjoy the high-end home atmosphere beyond imagination.

Intelligent strip light

If you want to have a more intelligent and simple control form of strip lights, you can consider choosing an intelligent strip light. In addition to traditional wall switches and control panels, lighting intelligent strip light products can also achieve intelligent linkage control through intelligent speakers and intelligent ecological platform APP, with stepless adjustment of light brightness and color to adapt to different scenarios in daily life.

Silicone flexible LED strip

If you don't stick to straight line strip light shapes and want to create more diversified lighting shapes, such as curved, circular, elliptical, etc., you can rely on silicone flexible LED strip to achieve it. The product adopts high-toughness silicone material, which performs well in flexibility and can be bent into various shapes, and is perfectly shaped with the help of card strips and buckles, suitable for various lighting line shape design in home. The newly launched silicone flexible LED strip also has three styles to choose from: three-sided emitting, front-emitting, and side-emitting, which help users to play a role in home line art.

Popular LED Strip Lights

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