Advantages and Applications of LED Neon Lights

LED neon flex lights are generally used for large outdoor signs or creative luminous patterns. Sometimes LED neon flex lights are displayed directly, while others are blocked. In essence, neon lights are used as the light source for luminous characters. Neon light is a high-end flexible lighting decoration product. It looks like an ordinary neon light, but can be bent arbitrarily. This product is shatter-resistant and waterproof, and can be used indoors and outdoors. LED neon light-emitting characters are also called neon characters. It is a combination of traditional neon lights and LED light sources. At the same time, it has the rich colors of traditional neon lights and the characteristics of LED light sources themselves. Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following points:

1. LED neon light-emitting characters are combined with electronic technology and polymer materials

The calligraphy and painting can emit light all over the body. At the same time, the manufacturer has also developed a unique luminous effect technology that emits light on the edge of the font and on the side. more than an hour. No maintenance is required within three years of normal use, while traditional neon lights can only work at room temperature, which is short and difficult to maintain.

2. The brightness of LED neon flex lights is higher, and the brightness of traditional neon lights is darker


Compared with traditional neon lights, LED neon light-emitting characters can save more than 80% of electricity under the same light-emitting area and display function. The electricity cost saved by users for one year can recover the investment in installing new neon lights. For example, new LED neon flex lights are used all over the country, which can save more than 20 billion kWh of electricity a year, which is equivalent to the investment of the state to build more than 10 medium-sized power plants, which can save more than 60,000 tons of non-ferrous metals and 60,000 tons of silicon steel sheets, which has significant economic and social benefits.

3. LED neon luminous characters use safe voltage and the human body will not be electrocuted, and the material has insulating properties

The font can emit colorful light, the color can be changed arbitrarily, the font is clear, and the signboard advertising words have a strong sense of reality. No matter the font size is complex, it can be processed and produced. Traditional neon luminous characters must use a transformer to boost the voltage of 200 volts to 15,000 volts to break down the inert gas in the glass tube (less than 10,000 volts does not work) to emit a single color of light along the edge of the text pattern, and two colors are required to install two. Covering the glass tube, as long as the gas leaks a little or the glass tube is broken, the phenomenon of lack of pens and strokes will appear, which has almost become a common problem that traditional neon lights are difficult to overcome.

4. LED neon flex lights can change the control conditions

In addition to the places involved in traditional neon lights, LED neon flex can also work in flammable and explosive environments such as gas, gas, and poisonous gas. The brightness of traditional neon lights cannot be adjusted, and LED neon flex do not have any stroboscopic and flashing benefits. LED neon flex lights are impact resistant, acid and alkali resistant, weatherproof, and strong height, while traditional neon lights do not have the ability to protect; they are easily broken, afraid of rain and storms. LED neon luminous characters also have a variety of expressions such as beating, gradient, mixed color change, etc., which can achieve more complex creative modeling design requirements and have more applicable environments.

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