The Era of Intelligent Lighting: How to Choose Cabinet Lights for Different Layouts?

With the gradual expansion of the real estate industry, more and more developers are providing decoration services to homeowners, which has also led more and more families to change their "as long as it works" purchasing concept. Practical and aesthetically pleasing home products are gradually becoming a popular choice, while highlighting the contradiction between "people and lighting".

In recent years, smart lighting has continued to develop, but spaces such as kitchens and closets are still in a "smart waste", and most homes do not even have lighting for their cabinets, so it is necessary to improve the popularity of china led cabinet light and make it more intelligent. Currently, most of the cabinet lights on the market are linear, but large and small cabinet spaces require different combinations of LED cabinet lights.

Large cabinet spaces LED cabinet lights

Large cabinets generally have ample cabinet space, which means that matching cabinet lighting is also necessary, and first of all, the power of the lights cannot be low. Secondly, a cabinet often needs multiple and multiple installations of cabinet lights, which will face problems such as multiple and cumbersome wire connections.

Moreover, once the light fixture is damaged, the complicated wiring will bring a lot of trouble for maintenance and replacement. Not to mention that scattered installation will bring great inconvenience to the application of intelligence. But if you use the "one to ten" graffiti remote control controller, and connect the entire cabinet circuit to the same receiving terminal. Provide a one-stop solution for the intelligent lighting of the cabinet.

Small cabinet spaces LED cabinet lights

Contrary to large cabinet spaces, small cabinet spaces are very limited, and there is no such high requirement for the number of lights, nor can larger cabinet lights be installed. Therefore, small-sized LED cabinet lights such as glass cabinet lights with built-in sensing functions are a better choice. For example, various charging methods such as computers and power banks also make this cabinet light very convenient to use.

The built-in sensor can handle small spaces with ease, and it opens when the door is opened. It is flexible to install and easy to use, and is well received by foreign users.

With the embellishment of LED cabinet lights, even if it is just a few spotlights, it can make this kitchen brighten up. The gray style requires the support of cabinet lights to be maximized, otherwise it is just cold furniture without the soul of humanity. In addition to the multiple color choices of the wooden cabinets themselves, the combination of cabinets and walls, and floors can also be varied. Creative and artistic designs such as patterned tiles, hexagonal tiles, and antique tiles can make the kitchen more refreshing and fashionable. Small white tiles and marble tiles that were popular in the previous years are also very interesting.

If you want to avoid destroying the overall integrity of the cabinets and create a lighting effect that is not visible, use LED embedded light strips. If you want to have a convenient installation and easy-to-use design, choose LED triangle light strips with plug-and-play wire connections. We offer china best price exterior strip lighting wholesale. Contact us for more information!

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