Did You Choose the Right LED Strip?

The application of LED light strips is very clever and common. Because the LED light strip can be curled and soft like a wire, it can also be cut and extended, and it is not easy to break. Moreover, it can also adjust the light, control the color change, and choose monochrome and RGB effects. The atmosphere created by the LED light strip is bright and clear, and the visual extension effect is obvious. Today PaneraLux wants to share with you the experience of choosing LED strips.

Ⅰ. The correct choice of LED light strip skills

1. Look at the control chip

The LED strip is actually a device that works with a stable current, so the biggest reason for the dead light of the conventional high-voltage strip is the lack of a constant current control module, which makes the LED work under the valley-shaped fluctuating voltage. The burden of large LED light strips makes conventional high-voltage light strips prone to failures such as dead lights. So a good LED strip must have a good chip stable current.

2. Look at the materials

Another reason for the dead light of conventional high-pressure lamp strips is that the outsourcing materials will release harmful destructive elements after high temperature, causing problems such as blackening of LED light strips, which further lead to light decay and dead lamp beads. Heat-resistant and flame-retardant materials can effectively protect internal components, greatly improving reliability and stability.

3. Look at the lamp beads

Use a DC voltage regulator to adjust the voltage to about 6-8V, and you can find that each lamp bead is evenly lit, which means that this lamp bead has good consistency, which can ensure that the brightness of the lamp strip is even, and there will be no bright and dark alternate bright and dark spot.

4. Look at the details

Wrap the light strip around your fingers, the normal light strip can still light up normally, and the poorly bent light beads or resistors will be desoldered; check whether copper core wires are used; whether the circuit board wiring is regular, etc., careful inspection of details can better grasp the quality of the product.

Ⅱ. Precautions for purchasing LED strips

There are many kinds of LED light strips on the market. If you want to buy high-quality products that suit your needs, you really need to master these skills when purchasing. The following are some points to pay attention to when purchasing.

1. The high-quality LED light strip adopts special patch technology, so the solder joints are relatively smooth, and the surface of the low-quality LED light strip is unevenly distributed.

2. The surface of the high-quality LED light strip is clean and tidy, and there will be no serious stains. On the other hand, low-quality light strips will have some stains on the outer layer no matter how clean they are.

3. Please pay attention to choose a general brand when purchasing, so as to ensure the quality. When purchasing, the width of the guide plate of the light strip must be at least 6mm, and the width of the guide plate must be less than 6mm. The light strip will generate a lot of heat, which is a serious safety hazard, so pay attention to the width of the guide plate of the light strip when buying.

4. Be careful when cutting the light bar. It has a special scissors. The light bar is generally 1m per circle, and generally there is a 1cm gap in the whole meter. It needs to be cut from the special scissors to the scissors.

5. The light belt has accessories, and the accessories generally include an overcurrent plug (that is, a transformer light belt must be used), a line card (a plastic clip that fixes the light belt in place), and a tail plug (a plastic sleeve that protects the tail of the light belt). It won't work if you miss the accessory.

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