High Efficiency Flex LED Strip

High Efficiency Flex LED Strip

This series of high efficiency LED strip products is characterized by high light efficiency design, using high-performance lamp beads, higher brightness, lower power consumption, to achieve the effect of energy saving. This flexible led strip wholesale series has 150 light effect, 160 light effect, 170 light effect products to choose from, suitable for indoor auxiliary lighting.

Types of High Efficiency Flex LED Strip

PaneraLux offers a range of Types of High Efficiency Flex LED Strip, known for their exceptional energy efficiency. Variations include E150, E160, and E170, boasting high luminous efficacy of 150lm/w, 160lm/w, and 170lm/w respectively. These high efficiency LED strips provide cost-effective lighting solutions with superior performance. PaneraLux is dedicated to providing high-quality, energy-saving LED strips for various applications.

Are LEDs strips energy-efficient?

LED lamp belt is made of energy-saving light source LED, that is, light-emitting diode. The power of a conventional lamp belt is 7.2W/m, which is more energy-efficient than the traditional 40W bulb and lamp tube.

When you choose china outside led light strips, what kind of LED strip is more energy efficient? In LED lights with various parameters, there is a parameter called "light", we bring brightness divided by the lamp power per meter of results is called lights, used to measure the power consumption of the lamp with a parameter, the higher light efficiency, compared with the similar power lights with more (compared to the same brightness of light with lower power) and conventional lamps with basic lighting at around $85, Higher ones can reach 170 or more.


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