Standard Flex LED Strip

Standard Flex LED Strip

PaneraLux is a versatile series of flexible lamp straps, common lamp beads, affordable, 5 year warranty, 50000 hours of service life, practical, in line with the requirements of many electronic products standards.

Can you cut Flexible LED strip lights?

The flex LED stripis composed of many groups of beads in parallel. Generally, the 12V lamp belt is a group of 3 lights (25mm), and a 24V lamp belt is a group of 6 lights (50mm). There are shear symbols between each group, and they can be cut according to the position of the shear symbols.

1. Tear off the release paper with adhesive attached to the flex LED stripand paste it on the position you want.

2. After determining the desired size, find the adjacent clipping symbol and cut it along the clipping symbol with scissors.


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