Paneralux Flex LED Strip

Paneralux Flex LED Strip

PaneraLux has more than 17 years of experience in flex strip light manufacturing and design, with innovative products covering all types of products on the market as one of the leading China flexible led strip manufacturers and flexible led strip suppliers. All led strip lights for sale are made of crystal element and SAN 'an chip lamp beads, with a 5-year warranty and 50000 hours of working life.

What is Flex Strip Light?

What is Flex Strip Light?

From the literal understanding, LED flexible lamp belt than LED lamp belt more "flexible", which is different from the point of the general lamp belt, but also with the basic function of LED lamp belt.

LED flexible lamp belt is the LED lamp with special processing technology welding on the copper wire or strip flexible circuit board, and then connected to the power to shine, because of its luminous shape like a light belt.

Now, LED flexible lamp belt such as the high efficiency led strip is the use of flexible circuit board that is FPC to do the carrier, processing technology is simple, quality easy to control, long life, color and brightness, gradually replace the early lamp belt.

According to the waterproof level and the different requirements of the use area, flexible lamp belt can be divided into: bare board, glue, casing, glue and other lamp belt. (Simply put, wear different protective clothing for ordinary LED lights)

A. Bare board: for indoor use, without waterproof treatment;

B. glue: directly drop a layer of colorless transparent epoxy glue or PU glue on the surface of the lamp strip, waterproof grade is relatively low;

C. Casing: Put a silicone sleeve on the lamp strip, and the waterproof grade is relatively improved;

D. U groove glue: glue on the surface of the U groove, waterproof level is higher;)

E. Solid sleeve glue: Put the lamp strip on the silicone sleeve and then inject glue, so as to achieve full waterproof, suitable for outdoor work in complex environment;

What is Flex Strip Light?

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