Design an Open Area for the Cabinet and Use Cabinet Lights to Light It

Cabinets are the most important furniture in the kitchen, as they are responsible for storing all the kitchenware. With the popularity of whole-house customization, cabinets now also include appliances such as steam ovens, stovetops, and range hoods. Therefore, the design of cabinets has become more refined, from the shape to the distribution of storage space, and even down to the color temperature of cabinet lights, which has become a major focus for cabinet light manufacturers in recent years.

The design of open areas for cabinet light

The design of ordinary cabinets usually involves dividing them into upper and lower sections, and the use of a unified color scheme is a more common design choice as it creates a neater appearance. Usually, commonly used cooking utensils are stored in the upper cabinets, such as seasonings, making them easily accessible during the cooking process without having to bend down. Another more considerate method is to leave an open area in the upper cabinets, where frequently used items can be placed, thus eliminating the need to open the cabinet doors. Under the light of cabinet light, the cabinets blend in with the surrounding environment.

This method involves creating a slot in the cabinet, selecting a suitable location that follows the kitchen's cooking trajectory, and not installing a closed cabinet door. After installing the recessed cabinet lights led, it is best to use a hand sweeping induction switch if the lighting is installed above the sink, to ensure safety when in use.

The double-sided backlight panel light can be combined with cabinets and can not only illuminate the countertop under the upper cabinets but also directly illuminate the open area. Use one lamp to meet two lighting needs.

The design of cabinet light in enclosed cabinets

By installing a row of storage compartments of the same color at the bottom of the upper cabinets, storage space is increased without any sense of disharmony. However, the downward extension of the upper space may increase the shadow area of lighting, so don't forget to choose suitable led undercabinet lights based on the size of the space. If the space is small, installing two cabinet spotlights is also a good option.

This lighting fixture has a large capacity lithium battery built-in that can be recharged for repeated use, allowing for the problem of additional wiring to be solved. Additionally, the lamp is equipped with an infrared sensor, which will automatically turn on after sensing a person's body heat and will automatically turn off after 10 seconds without detecting heat. Even if a person's hands are full in the kitchen, the lamp can still be used. Of course, open storage space is not limited to just compartments, as a simpler method is by installing a shelf that can hold items that are not easily slipped off. If the distance between the upper cabinets and the workspace is very close, then the shelf is the better choice.

Starting from real-life scenarios and combining lighting and storage needs, Paneralux china outdoor led tape light has merged lighting fixtures and shelves into one. The light source is hidden in the shelf, making it not only a lighting fixture but also a shelf. This cabinet storage design is highly flexible and can reduce the heaviness of a large number of upper cabinets. The addition of cabinet light makes it visually layered and enhances the overall exquisite feeling of the cabinets, making cooking and dining an aesthetic and enjoyable experience, and improving the quality of life!

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