Introduction to the Production Process of Neon Flex Lights

Since the advent of neon flex lights in 1910, it has survived for a hundred years. It is a special low-pressure cold-cathode glow discharge electric light source, which emits light through cold-cathode glow discharge under a high-voltage electric field by filling a low-pressure inert gas in a glass tube. The light color of the neon lamp is determined by the spectral characteristics of the inert gas: the fluorescent neon lamp is filled with neon gas, and the neon lamp emits red light; the fluorescent neon lamp is filled with argon and mercury, and the neon lamp emits blue, yellow and other lights.

There are two kinds of common neon flex light transformers, one is flux leakage transformer, which has the advantages of good reliability, high brightness of the load lamp tube, consistent light color, long life, and the disadvantage is that it is relatively bulky; the other is electronic transformer, whose advantages are light weight, convenient manufacture, saving metal materials. The disadvantage is that the quality of electronic transformers on the market is uneven, and it is difficult to guarantee.

Ⅰ. The characteristics of neon flex lights

1. Low temperature, strong penetrating power

Because of the cold cathode characteristics of neon flex lights, the temperature of the lamp tube is below 60°C during operation, so it is not afraid of wind and rain, and can even work in water. The flex bendable neon light spectrum has a strong penetrating power, and it can still maintain a good visual effect in rainy or foggy days.

2. Low energy consumption

With the continuous improvement of the manufacturing technology of neon flex lights and the performance of related parts, the application of new electrodes and new electronic transformers has greatly reduced the power consumption of neon flex lights.

3. Long life

Under the condition of continuous operation and uninterrupted power supply, the lifespan of neon flex lights can reach more than 10,000 hours, which is difficult for any other electric light source to achieve.

4. Flexible production and various colors

Neon lamps are made of glass tubes. After firing, the glass tubes can be bent into any shape and have great flexibility. By choosing different types of tubes and filling them with different inert gases, neon lamps can get colorful and multi-colored lights.

5. Strong movement, good effect, economical and practical

The neon flex light screen is composed of a constant light tube and a dynamic light-emitting scanning tube, which can be set to be a jumping scan, a gradient scan, or a seven-color scan of color mixing and color change. The scanning tube is controlled by a scanning machine equipped with microcomputer chip programming, and the scanning tube is turned on or off according to the programmed program to form a flowing picture. Therefore, neon flex lights are an economical and practical form of advertising with less investment and strong effects.

Ⅱ. The production process of neon flex lights

In terms of the production process of neon lights, whether it is a bright tube, a powder tube or a color tube, the led strips wholesale manufacturers production process is basically the same. They all need to go through processes such as glass tube forming, electrode sealing, bombardment degassing, inert gas filling, vent sealing and aging.

1. Glass tube forming

That is, the production staff follows the outline of the pattern or text through a special fire head, and burns, roasts, and bends the straight glass tube into a pattern or text. The level of the production staff can be seen with the naked eye. Lamp tubes made by low-level personnel are prone to uneven corners, too thick or too thin, wrinkled inside, crooked and out of plane, etc.

2. Sealing electrodes

The lamp tube that is about to be bent is connected to the electrode and the exhaust hole through the burner. The interface must not be too thin or too thick, and the interface must be completely melted, otherwise it is easy to cause slow air leakage.

3. Bombardment degassing

The key to making the flexible led neon tube light is the process of bombarding the electrodes with high-voltage electricity, heating the electrodes to burn invisible water vapor, dust, grease and other substances in the electrodes of the lamp tube, removing these harmful substances, and vacuumizing the glass tube. If the bombardment degassing temperature cannot be reached, the above-mentioned harmful substances will not be completely removed, which will directly affect the quality of the lamp tube. Excessive bombardment degassing temperature will cause excessive oxidation of the electrode, resulting in an oxide layer on the surface, resulting in a decline in the quality of the lamp tube. The bombardment-degassed glass tube is filled with an appropriate amount of inert gas, and after aging, the neon lamp production process is completed.

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